Amoxicillin Without Prescription

Amoxil Without Prescription

Drug costs with no insurance can be very unpleasantly expensive. Let’s start from the example: Jean Smith. Jean has a very good health for her age – she is 85 and she does not take prescription drugs always – just once in a while. When there was a time to decide to buy Medicare plan for prescription insurance coverage, Jean declined it. She thought that it is don’t worth to her because she is not taking too much pills.

But this year Jane eventually went to the hospital. They diagnosed bronchitis and she was hospitalized for a week. Jane was put on antibiotic Amoxicillin, which she had to take for 14 days after leaving the hospital.

Amoxicillin Insurance

Then, when she leaved the hospital, her doctor called prescription medication in to her local CVS pharmacy. It was Amoxicillin 500mg, which she had to take for 2 weeks. She was to take it twice daily.

Jean was horrified when she was told the cost of Amoxicillin with no insurance – over $280! The price was unaffordable to her.

The medications where very expensive and Jane couldn’t believe in it. She decided to go home and discuss her options with her son. When Jane discussed price on her drug with her son, they decided there must be a cheaper way to them. They entered offshore online pharmacy website and where able to look up the prices for Amoxicillin there. There were a plenty of available dosages of Amoxicillin (Generic Amoxil) at the website, and, what they discovered really surprised them – the online prices were much cheaper that at their local pharmacy.

The price on 30 tablets of 500mg Amoxicillin at online pharmacy was only $89.95! Jane was surprised how much buying pill online could save her. Her son helped her to pay online via the credit card (Visa) and to enter delivery address. Jane ended up paying a total of $89.95 for her antibiotic instead of $280!

The delivery of medications from online pharmacy usually takes 5-9 days when Trackable Courier Service is used. So, to reduce waiting time for the next possible Amoxicillin intake, Jane ordered an extra-dosage of antibiotic. They gave her additional discount, because, with every next order (from the second) you have a discount, and your discount rate is constantly growing.